Bob Burdette

I love a good story. Stories teach us, inspire us and give meaning to our lives. I have been shaped by books I have read and movies I have watched: influenced by cautionary tales as a child, molded by the characters that still run away with my imagination.

I work with images and ideas that have played a role in making me who I am, borrowing from outdated magazine advertisements full of outrageous slogans and guarantees. These messages have bombarded me my whole life, in one form or another. I also make use of my childhood comic book collection, drawing directly from a source of reference material that my imagination has never really let go.

Understanding how images and ideas plant seeds in our minds and have the power to effect the way we think and act is a consistent theme that runs through all of my work. My paintings and sculptures are exaggerations of ideas that repeat themselves in the stories and characters that influence and shape all of our lives.